Caring for your teeth and gums is just as important as other aspects of your health.That is why at AVDP we are committed to providing preventative dental care for all our patients. Our hygienist and Therapist are essential members of our team. Their treatment means better oral health and improved outcomes of our restorative work. They are here to advise you as to which oral hygiene products are best for you to maintain your oral health.Fissure sealants and Fluoride applications are also available to prevent tooth decay.

We provide many restorative options for our patients. Each treatment plan is devised on an individual basis and all options are discussed with our patients before treatment is started.

At AVDP we want our patients to have a healthy and attractive smile. We strive to provide our patients with the best possible cosmetic outcome to our restorative treatments. We also perform many elective cosmetic treatments. For example Tooth whitening, Veneers, White fillings, Gingival re contouring and Snap on Smile.

As part of examinations we consider each patient’s appearance and position of their teeth.We monitor children’s development and if necessary refer them to our local Orthodontist. We offer in house Invisalign clear braces which many people prefer to fixed metal braces.


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